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The Tailored Performance Protocol is a 4 week personal training program. This program is purchased and once confirmed, a questionnaire is sent via email to the customer to fill out. Once the questionnaire is returned, the program will be developed within a 48 hour turn around. The 48 hour turn around time is because these are NOT COOKIE CUTTER BS PROGRAMS! Your specific program is created around the responses in your questionnaires. 

Each Program is for 4 weeks and includes 1 FREE Tee of your choice (preference chosen in questionnaire).

Why Work with Me?

Not only am I certified through the TX Board of Nursing and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Each of these backgrounds have provided unique experiences that I synergize to produce top quality and field proven programs. My programs yield results, period.

As a coach and athlete competitor, I have worked with some of the top exercise physiologists, athletes and coaches in the industry.

Having gone through these unique experiences, along with interviewing top university physiologists and championship winning coaches on science-backed performance methods, I have developed programs that are PROVEN to deliver results. Period.

MY JOURNEY: I went from a 215 lb 6% bodybuilder/Physique competitor who benched 365 lbs and ran a 10 min 1.5 mile, to an 185 lb 6% ATHLETE who maintained those bench numbers AND dropped 1.5 mile time to a swift 8:30 min in a matter of 6 weeks. STRENGTH - SPEED - SIZE - IT'S SCIENCE.

Do You Reward for Referrals?

Each referral will earn you 25% OFF your next program and 15% OFF for your referred friend/family members' program. Unlimited referrals allowed. Only 2 allowed to stack for a total of 50% OFF one program at a time.

What Should I Expect Next After Purchasing The Program?

Once purchased and payment received, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and return so that your program can be created. Add "" to your address book or look in your spam folder in case you do not see it in 24 hours after purchasing.

For General Questions Who Can I Contact?

For any questions you can email "" or "" and your email will be replied to within 24 hours